About RDPR


The Rural Development and Panchayath Raj (RDPR) department is a major department functioning for the Rural population. The department is implementing various schemes for the following causes.


·                  Improvement of Rural Infrastructure.

·                  Development of Rural Roads

·                  Rural Water Supply

·                  Minor Irrigation

·                  Poverty Alleviation

·                  Rural Energy Programmes


One of the major responsibilities of the Department is in the realm of implementing the provisions of the Karnataka Panchayath Raj Act, 1993 to achieve democratic decentralization in the governance of the State's rural areas. The Department coordinates the process of the establishment of Panchayath Raj Institutions under the above legislation and monitors their functioning in order to ensure that Panchayath Raj Institutions in the State function as viable and vibrant institutions of Local Self Government. 3 tier structure of Panchayath Raj Institutions


o                 27 Zilla Panchayaths

o                 175 Taluk Panchayaths

o                 5659 Grama Panchayaths


About Zilla Panchayath


Dharwad Zilla Panchayath is a three - tier Panchayath raj system with elected bodies at the Grama, Taluka and District levels constituted as per the 73rd amendment to the constitution for greater participation of the people and more effective implementation of rural development programs (and to function as units of local self government). The Zilla Panchayaths were constituted as per the provisions of The Karnataka Panchayath Raj Act, 1993. The Zilla panchayath structure and activities are categorised into two important elements as listed below


The Political Structure - Dharwad Zilla Panchayath is an elected body constituted of the following members


1.                22 Members are elected from geographically demarcated constituencies from within the rural areas of   

          the district.

2.                2 Members of Parliament of the district .

3.                Members of State Legislative Assembly and State Legeslative Council for the district.

4.                The Adyaksha of five Taluk Panchayaths of the district.


Adhyaksha and Upadhyaksha : are elected from the directly elected members of the Zilla Pachayath.


Standing Committee :To facilitate greater discussion in the functioning of zilla panchayat, 5 standing committees have been formed. Each standing committee consists of zilla panchayath members not exceeding seven in number including the chairman, who are elected by the zilla panchayath from among the elected members.


Term of Office : The term of office for Adhyaksha, Upadhyaksha and Standing committee is 20 months. The term of elected members is 5years.


II. The Administration - OFFICIAL STRUCTURE

 For smooth functioning & administration of the zilla panchayath office , an officer designated "Chief Executive Officer" is appointed by the state government to carry out administration of Zilla Panchayath. Chief Executive Officer is designated head of department for all the department offices within the Zilla panchayath. He is assisted in the discharge of his duties by Senior Officers in the Zilla Panchayath.


1.                Deputy Secretary

2.                Chief Planning Officer.

3.                Chief Accounts Officer


The work of Zilla Panchayath can be divided into following sections


o        1.       DEVELOPMENT SECTION


o        3.       PLANNING SECTION

o        4.       ACCOUNTS SECTION

o        5.       COUNCIL SECTION


1.Development Section: Headed by Deputy Secretary, This section is concerned with execution of all rural development schemes, water supply schemes, Minor irrigation works, road works and other developmental works.

2.Administration Section: Headed by Deputy Secretary, This section is concerned with the establishment issues and general administration of all the departments of zilla panchayath.

3.Planning Section: Headed by Chief Planning Officer, This section looks after formulation of Draft Annual Plan, formulation of action plan for different development schemes & monitoring & evaluation of schemes.

4.Accounts Section: Headed by Chief Accounts Officer, This section is responsible for receipts and releases of funds regarding all departments and various development schemes. Also this section is involved in taking up audit of all the departments coming under zilla panchayath.

5.Council Section: Headed by Deputy Secretary, This section is concerned with recording the deliberations of zilla panchayath and various standing committees, it also follows up on various decisions taken therein & other issues regarding the zilla panchayath members.


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