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Sri Siddharoodha Math

Siddharoodha Math

Sadguru Siddharudha Maharaj always condemned castes and believed that everybody was equally entitled. He gladly led the life of an ascetic. At the tender age of six, he left his home, family and worldly comforts with a purpose. He was believed to be the incarnation of Shiva, the popular Trinity deity of the Hindus. He wanted to seek the spiritual master, commonly called the Satguru. For this, he became a student while serving at the ashram of Shri Gajadandaswami. He happened to be blessed by his master after and he took up a pilgrimage in order to help those in need and gain enlightenment in their paths.

He travelled from the North down South of the country, i.e. Kashmir to Kanyakumari with the idea of spiritual awakening. Finally, he settled down in Hubli. People including followers and devotees started reaching out to him for seeking solace, attaining mental satisfaction and gaining spiritual enlightenment. The Siddharoodha Math happens to be built at the place where he died in Hubli in 1929.

Great yogi and spiritual Teacher Samy Siddhrudha was a spiritual saint who illumined the hearts of millions of his devotees. Who was a great exponent of Advaita Philosophy has preached Nijaguna Philosophy, Bhagawdgeeta, Upanishads, Panchadashi, Brahmasutra to his disciples. Devotees from all walks of life from kings to common man approached him for spiritual guidance and blessings.
The great saint was known for his simple living and high thinking. His Only property was Langota, a mud vessel and a ragged piece of cloth (ragati) Kowdi of swamy siddhrudha is of special significance and signified his simple living. He preached oneness of all religions and equality of all human beings. He never discriminated people on the basis of caste creed, color and gender He was a divine incarnation.

Nrupatunga Betta

Nrupatunga Betta

Nrupatunga Betta is one of the favourite tourist place in Hubli city. A hillock with asphalted roads leading from the base to the top, its a place for relaxation for the people of Hubli – Dharwad.

The hillock has been recently developed by the Dharwad district administration and is more refreshing now. A new entrance has been constructed at a distance of 1km from the hill top. People are required to purchase a ticket and walk from the entrance to the hill top. Vehicles have to be parked at the entrance itself. The ticket for each person is priced at Rs. 10 and for children below 3 years it is priced at Rs. 5. Elderly people who are unable to walk can avail of the transport facility for a nominal charge.

The whole pathway from the entrance to the hill top is illuminated with lamp posts and the entire path is fenced on both the sides. At the hill top a high mast lamp is installed. Solar lighting is also used at some places keeping it eco-friendly