Tourist Places


Chandramouleshwara Temple
Chandramouleshwara Temple Unkal
Category Historic

Chandramouleshwara Temple at Unkal, the Chalukya architectural monument located in the suburbs of Hubbali, it is one of the good…

Shambulingeshwara Temple
Shambulingeshwara Temple Kundgol
Category Historic, Religious

The ancient Shambulingeswara and Brahma temples are here. The important ancient temples like Rameshwara, Basavanna, Kalmeshwara and Siddalingeshwara are found…

Tamboor Basavanna Temple
Tamboor Basavanna Temple Kalaghatagi
Category Historic, Religious

Tamboor is an important center of pilgrimage for people of the Lingayat faith. The Temple of Basavanna, one of the…

Shri Amruteshwara Temple at Annigeri
Shri Amruteshwara Temple Navalgund
Category Historic, Religious

Shri Amruteshwara Temple, Annigeri (Navalgund): The Amruteshwara Temple at Annigeri was built in the Dharwad District in 1050 CE with…

Sadhankere Garden
Sadhankeri Park Dharwad
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Recreational

Sadhanakeri is a park honouring the great Kannada poet Dr. Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre. There is even a lovely Kannada song…

Tapovana Dharwad
Tapovana Dharwad
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Recreational

‘Tapovana’ stands as a meditational and yoga centre. It is 5 km. away from the town towards Haliyala Road, Dharwad…